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Military School Options For Troubled Teens

In a survey of 30 traditional military schools, only one military school would take a student who was not willing to be there. Most military schools will expel students who break rules. If you have a defiant teenager and would like to enroll him in a military school click here today or request more information online about other alternatives.

Military-based schools for troubled youth are effective alternatives to traditional military academies. These schools will accept your child even if he/she is not willing to go, and only in extreme cases, will he/she be expelled. Your teen will receive the military style structure, behavior modification, physical fitness, leadership, and overall help he/she needs to become successful in life. Youth ages 12-18 who are using drugs or alcohol, are out of control, defiant, or have behavior problems (ADD, ADHD, ODD, etc), are eligible candidates for these schools.

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Troubled youth military-based schools have excellent academic programs. Cadets work at their own pace with as much one on one teacher assistance he/she needs. High school diplomas and college courses are offered. Cadets often complete one year of high school in 4-6 months.

Troubled youth military schools typically do not offer organized athletics. However, cadets have the chance to participate in several different sports(football, basketball, volleyball, ect).

These programs are very effective and an excellent choice for troubled teens.

Typical students may include:

  • Ages 12-18 years old
  • Lack of respect
  • Have a problem with authority.
  • Mild substance abuse
  • Doing poorly or refusing to go to school.
  • Need for behavior modification.
  • Cadets should be in fairly good physical shape.

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