Are Military Schools for troubled teens?

Published on: 2021-02-02

My teen is troubled and struggling, should I consider a Military School option?

Military schools are often considered by parents who'd like to get their struggling child on a strict structured routine.   The question is often asked by many parents experiencing this situation with a troubled teen, but there are important questions to consider.  In order to determine if this option is suitable for your child's needs, we encourage you to consider a few questions. 

If the following questions can be answered within your mind as yes, then a teen Military School may be the option  for you.

 1. Has your child been experiencing struggles for less than 6 month?

2. Are the issues that your child is struggling with strictly behavioral?

Military high schools

Published on: 2021-01-31

Military high schools are a type of high school that include military cadet education and so are a form of military academy. They are found in a number of countries and offer a regular high school education but with an extra curriculum of military training. For example, cadets must rise early and do physical training to be followed by games in the afternoon. However, in the same way as a high or secondary school, they have academic classes after the breakfast. In the evening there may be self study classes. As a part of military institute, seniority is important and commands of seniors must be obeyed by juniors. The grade works as the rank of the cadets. All cadets from the same batch are considered to be of the same rank. However, in higher grades, prefects are selected to lead the normal cadets.